We put clients first- at our offices

  • We are welcoming and the client is received by a professional receptionist and later by lawyers and staff.
  • We are punctual so the client will not have to wait and we make an unavoidable wait pleasant – offering a beverage, a comfortable waiting area, entertainment (television or print materials), directions to the rest room, access to wifi/ internet. We always apologize for any delay.
  • We do not make comments or discuss any client’s business in a public place (reception, corridors or elsewhere) where it might be overheard by a visiting client.
  • We keep the files of other clients out of the view of visiting clients.
  • We give a visiting client our undivided attention – putting other calls and distractions on hold until after the meeting.
  • We introduce the visiting client to other lawyers and staff – especially those on the client team.

We put clients first – by being accessible

  • We provide clients with our office, cell and home phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses.
  • When out of the office, we carry smart phones/tablets and laptop computers with remote access to firm resources.
  • We answer our own phones. When this is not possible, the client has a choice of text messaging or talking to an alternative person.

We will put clients first – by being responsive

  • We check for phone and e-mail messages regularly and return them within a set period of time – no longer than 24 hours and often by practice much less.
  • If we can’t respond to a message personally, we make that sure someone else who is familiar with the client’s case or matter returns the call.
  • We let clients know when we will be out of reach, and give them the contact information of the person who can answer their questions in our absence.
  • We make sure that each client has multiple contacts at the firm, and that the client’s staff has contacts among parallel members of the law firm’s staff.
  • We learn and use the names of a client’s staff; we are courteous and respectful at all times.
  • We respond to any complaints, fix them and let the client know how the problem has been fixed.

We put clients first – by understanding their needs

  • We ask clients about their service preferences before, during and after each engagement.
  • We listen more than we talk. We never give the impression that we are too busy to give a client our complete attention.
  • We visit our clients on their premises regularly to ask about client satisfaction. We may request a tour to learn more about their business.
  • We take a hard look at our own interpersonal skills – and ask for professional development assistance if necessary.
  • We keep current with developments in our client’s industry, reading industry publications and participating in industry organizations. We keep track of and congratulate clients on their industry successes.
  • To respect the client’s financial needs, we staff each matter in a way that provides the best value for the service provided.

We put clients first – by continuously improving our procedures

  • We manage client expectations through clear client intake procedures.
  • We communicate clearly regarding fees, costs, team members, deadlines, risks and outcomes.
  • We hold a team meeting with the client at the start of any engagement where the complexity of it dictates it.
  • We discuss a proposed action with a client before we incur any fees.
  • We provide clients with copies of documents – in the format they prefer.
  • We review documents carefully for typos, misspelled names or missing pages.
  • We meet or exceed our deadlines. If we cannot, we let the client know well in advance.
  • We handle client correspondence promptly upon receipt.
  • We provide a status update monthly, even if there are no matters handled.
  • We accept responsibility for any mistakes, apologize and provide a solution.
  • At the end of any engagement, we send a thank you note. We survey to find out how we could have provided better service. We make changes to our procedures based on what we learn from our clients.